HD are really into what they do. We just needed a total clean-up of our back-yard space in Berkeley that had become overgrown and weedy. They came in and went straight to work, cleaning out old brush and weeding the paths and pruning back the various plants. I came home to a new space in my back yard and from there started asking about additional plants and features I could add to make the space even more homely. Today I have a beautiful backyard space in which to relax of an evening or entertain friends of a weekend. I always feel proud when friends compliment me on my garden and have the guys at Hoes and Ditches to thank for it. Keep up the good work!!!

Easy to deal with and honest to a fault, Rosarie in particular has an incredible eye for what plants work and what don’t. I had some very specific requests regarding the mood I wanted to create in my garden and these guys definitely exceeded my expectations in every way. These guys are true artistans and really hard workers who have a keen eye for beauty and incredible plant knowledge. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.